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Each year, we will have several iniatives that will drive our programs and resources. 

College Symposium

The Collegiate Baton Twirling Symposium is a virtual event that gives aspiring collegiate twirlers and coaches access to collegiate coaching staff, current collegiate twirlers, and higher education staff to ask questions and network. 

Judges Collective

The Judges Collective's goal is to strengthen the athlete to judge pipeline, provide knowledge about diversity and inclusion, and add more diversity within our judging database. 

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Excellence Tour

The Excellence tour will be a combination of a showcase and clinic where we will travel to showcase black and brown baton twirlers. This tour empowers performers in these communities to share their passions with others. Depending on the location, BBTN will be offering other opportunities from campus tours to touring the host location city. 

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BBTN Ambassadors

BBTN Ambassadors help spread BBTN's mission and promote BBTN initiatives and partners. We are always looking for twirlers who love to twirl, want to create an impact on their community, have leadership opportunities, and want to help others. Our program is designed to provide leadership and outside-of-the-classroom experiences.

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