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Mission:  BBTN works to support, celebrate, and promote twirlers of color.

The Black Baton Twirler Network is a 501(c)  non profit that was established in 2021 in response to the lack of diversity and representation in the sport of baton twirling.  Black Baton Twirlers Network is pioneering a positive change and redefining what it means to be inclusive in the sport of baton twirling.

Our Goals
  • To promote the outreach and retention of black baton twirlers

  • To strengthen the student to professional pipeline

  • Identify and promote resources and businesses that support black baton twirlers

  • To create opportunities to showcase black baton twirlers year round through competitions, events, and clinics

  • To increase the understanding of cultural competency within the sport while developing the support of allies

Our Values
  • Inclusion and diversity:  BBTN strives to create an inclusive and diverse community that embraces different backgrournds, perspectives, and ideas.

  • Accountability:  Taking responsibility for one's actions and ensuring the achievement of goals.

  • Collaboration:  Promoting teamwork, open communication, and cooperation across the organization.

  • Pioneering:  BBTN encourages innovation, creativity, and a forward-thinking mindset.

  • Integrity:  Demonstrating honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all actions and decisions.

  • Positive impact on society:  BBTN aims to make a positive difference in the world through its services and business practices.

  • Passion:  We cultivate enthusiasm, dedication, and a strong work ethic.

  • Trust:  BBTN fosters an environment of trust by being reliable, consistent, and transparent.

  • Learning:  We encourage continuous learning and promoting team member growth to stay ahead in the industry.

  • Leadership:  BBTN develops and supports strong leaders who inspire and guide others.

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